i used to stay up too late. but now i’m a stay at home, homeschooling, coffee drinking, baking, reading, running mom. never thought i would say that last one, but i guess if you run (or attempt it) 3 or 4 days a week, it’s probably legit. that’s what i’m telling myself.

i got my degree in english literature, and while i loved my college, and my college town, i live in a tiny hamlet in the north georgia mountains. where there is one grocery store that is not an unnamed world-wide supercenter. you know the one.

i’m in the process of recovering from a decade and a half of undiagnosed clinical depression, and believe me, it got messy. i’m still climbing my way out, and relearning how to think, how to act, how to talk, how to live. my family bore a heavy burden with me, so we’re all figuring it out, all over again. so you’ll see me being honest about things that i’ve never been honest about before. i think that’s a good thing.

i knit, i sew, i bake, i cook, i wanted to go culinary school, my husband is allergic to one of my favorite things to cook with (lentils), so recreating the food i ate in new delhi a decade ago just won’t happen. but a girl can dream. i’m a confirmed anglophile, though my interests range throughout the UK, rather than just england. i love nigella lawson, and peter reinhart, and yotam ottolenghi. look them up – you won’t regret it. i listen to lots of folk music, and i’m trying to keep my baking music links updated.

underneath it all, or maybe through it all, i am seeing the hands that do not let me go. even when i am far from Him, i am not forgotten. i don’t tend to post about my faith often, but it is the underpinning, the undergirding, the all present thing that keeps me alive and hoping. maybe i’ll post about that sometime. maybe not.

i am a sister, a daughter, a mother, a wife, broken, being made whole and searching for the self i lost a long time ago. thanks for joining me on this journey.


One thought on “me.

  1. hey catherine !! love your blog! lori and I are sitting here on both our laptops(we are nerds) looking at pictures of Zoe and reading your blog. BTW I would love to invite you to write for the Atlanta , I think they would hire you !! well I hope you, spence, and zoe come over soon. Lori and scott

    PS my blog:

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