good googley moogley…

so yeah. i’ve been saying that a LOT lately. i don’t know why it felt so busy these past 2 weeks, but it really has been. i had planned on posting the chocolate chip cream scones recipe… but i returned the book to the library before writing down anything that i did. it’s from alice medrich’s “bittersweet,” in case you needed a delicious dark chocolate cream scone recipe. it’s on my amazon wish list, believe me.

IMG_7956 copy

IMG_7949 copy

IMG_7966 copy

part of the busyness came from the start of soccer season. practices one night a week, informal practicing another afternoon or two, two afternoons spent at homeschooling PE and saturday morning games. zoë’s played two games so far, and the day after tomorrow is game three. she’s not an instant pele or beckham or hamm, as her enthusiasm for blocking the ball has her running for the opposing team’s goal to play goalie more than anything. and since it’s three on three, there’s no goalie. ever. unless she’s hanging out, instead of running around like everyone else. she’s taller than all of them, but good grief. that kid needs to run laps – she’s convinced she needs to walk if she plays more than 10 minutes at a time. this, coming from the kid who can run around the gym at PE for an hour and a half without complaint. meh. whatever – she’s having fun, even if she’s not exactly listening to the coach, or the refs, or her parents.

IMG_7983 copy

IMG_7993 copy

i’ve also been sewing up a storm – we have friends with an soon to be born baby, and the theme of the nursery is modern woodland. i saw some fabric at the local quilt shop, and the gears started turning. is it perfect? not even close. my quilting is nowhere near straight, as i’ve always played a little fast and loose with my work. so if you don’t look too closely, it’s great! it ended up being so incredibly sweet, and it got my wheels turning for a pillow for our bed.

IMG_8022 copy

josef albers, and his wife anni, are pretty high on my list of admired artists. josef’s series “homage to the square” is amazing in the way they deal with color and the relationships between color to set mood and energy. some of his work almost seems to vibrate and move because of the colors he chose. i could go on and on, but that would be redundant. i wrote an essay in college about anni and her weaving and the way it tied into the poetry of marianne moore, blah blah blah, english major thwarted fabric design major blah blah. so all of that to say, after looking up a gazillion josef albers paintings, i decided i wanted a simple, graphic throw pillow for the bed. soooo… i made an albers inspired square. well, almost made it. i had to refill the bobbin right as i was joining the back and front, and decided to wait until tomorrow to finish it.

because of the HUGE range of solid color quilting fabrics out there, as well as the perfect size of the finished piece, i’m planning on making several more. whether or not i will emulate albers in my chromatic relationships is another idea altogether. one thing i have found interesting as i have continued on prozac, is my changing thoughts on decor and decorating. for the longest time, i wanted bright, pattern and picture EVERYWHERE. to the point of honestly being overwhelming. but distract me enough, and i might forget about how i feel like the world is inches from implosion. now, i want calm and thoughtful. i know it’s silly to have a theme in your house, but i’ve been telling spencer for months that the direction i’m going is mid-century hunting lodge in the orkneys. lots of scandanavian furniture design influence, plaids and blankets, antlers, glass and vintage accessories. and now, i’m starting to get there. slowly. our bed is white on white on white (for the FIRST time in my adult life) and i’m doing an embroidery project as well – running stitches the length and width of a white standard pillow case in metallic gold thread (8 rows side to side to equal an inch – yes, i’m a little nuts with this one) to be a throw pillow on the bed, and my albers pillow. the shelves are glass and steel and the plan is to paint them cadet blue in the far off future, with gold leafed accents on the bottom 2 inches of the legs. what is my life? i’m actually planning things, instead of throwing random amazing thrift store find on the wall and calling it decor. if this is grown up life, i can see why people smiled and nodded politely with noticeably wide eyes when i invited them into my home for the first time. it was a little overwhelming. okay, a lot. so yeah – unexpected side effect. you can find my ideas on pinterest, i’m cakewife on there too.

i’ve also been reading, A BUNCH. some amazing books on a future plague and post-apocalyptic survivor scenarios (justin cronin’s “the passage” and “the twelve”) and anderegg’s “nerds.” mostly because i want to make sure i am encouraging zoë in math and science as much as possible – she’s an incredible reader, but she loves loves loves math. so here’s to helping her with that. and other books on homeschooling methods and curriculum comparisons, and teaching distracted children, educational theory and bread. oh! and quilting. yeah, i don’t know. i guess that’s the huge update, and i’ll get back to eking out time when i can to post about the quilt i’m going to make zoë, or whatever i’m getting my hands into in the kitchen. soon enough.



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