Raleigh, in review, part one.

so whilst the dehydrator is humming in the background, the contents of zoë’s closet is divided into major groups in the living room, and i am sitting alone in a darkened house, i thought i would take a moment to recap the incredibly lovely week we just had in raleigh. if the first sentence didn’t clue you into some of the great things we brought back, i’ll be more specific. mom is letting me borrow her dehydrator, as my sister is on a very specific diet as ordered by her GI doctor, and zoë got sooooo many clothes for her birthday already. it’s always happy times when anyone gets new clothes, even if it’s not me. though i am sitting in my new fuzzy fleece pajamas, thanks to my mom’s reminder of how amazing fleece jammies are. i’ve been a dehydrating fool the last couple days – apple chips, blueberries, apricots, banana chips, blood orange slices, and i’ve got plans for more banana chips, orange sections and kale chips. and plantains when they’re ripe enough.

i have a short movie made up of every picture i took while in raleigh (1200 of them. no joke) and am trying to upload them on the mac, but keep forgetting to do it in the daytime when i am not disturbing the child who does not like to go to bed. vacation at grammies did not help on that front, but it is a small price to pay to get to see family. also, i took 1200 pictures. TWELVE HUNDRED. so it might take me a little while to get pictures uploaded. and edited. and posted to flickr. be patient, i’ll be working on it during teaching subtraction and working on spelling.  actually, as it stands, i will probably be posting in sections this week, doing a raleigh review in pieces, because we did a lot of things, and i wanted to talk about the museums separately at least one day.

but i digress. we drove up to raleigh the friday before last, in a thunderstorm the entire way up. no joke. i left in the rain, and 9 (NINE!!!) hours later we arrived, having traversed in the rain the entire time. the drive is supposed to take somewhere around 6 1/2 hours, which is manageable as long as it’s not raining. we stopped once, for gas and lunch and stretching our legs at chick-fil-a (or mcdonalds, or maybe it was burger king. i don’t know.) and there’s no reason aside from road work, rain and terrrrrrrrible drivers that it should have taken that long. i’m still a bit miffed over that one, but i’m sure i will shed my irritation as time and distance separate me from that nightmare drive. i’m being dramatic.

we arrived, immediately changing our clothes and showering, as to not bring any cat dander into the house. mom then proceeded to wash every piece of clothing we brought, and continued to do my laundry all week (which set me up for a rude awakening when i got home and had 6 loads of laundry to do. c’est la vie). we settled in, didn’t do a whole lot friday, except one great highlight of the triangle. the TARGET stores. oh dear sweet Jesus. i posted a picture of this on instagram – it was clearance aisles as far as the eye can see. no joke. there were 10 (TENNNN!!!!!) 70% off racks. WHAT is this glorious place? as a former broke college student/thrifter who finds the ridiculous but not the clothing staple/mom who dresses for comfort some days (not most. i’m proud of that distinction), it was like entering the promised land. okay, so not quite, but close. i was super happy, and my mom and sister were more than happy to hang out with zoë while i walked around my happy place. or one of them. because i went into 3 target stores within 15 minutes of my mom’s house (again, what is this glorious place??) and they were all the same. super clearancey. happy happy happy.

saturday was spent at the capitol, and the north carolina museum of history – and i’ll touch on those tomorrow, as i attempt to upload photos. so let’s see – maybe a weekend review with friday-sunday pictures uploaded tomorrow, with some discussion on the effects of depression on family relationships? yeah, sounds good. see you tomorrow.


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