midnight, beating the snow, and a week away

so i am up way too late, on a night that i should have been asleep hours ago. not intentional, just unfortunate. we’re racing a cold front north tomorrow, and zoë and i are heading to my mom’s house for a short vacation at grammie’s. my sister’s health is relatively stable, and we’re taking advantage of this brief respite. i will be taking pictures, and coming up with posts on homeschooling on the road, and making museums part of curriculum, but i won’t really be posting.

mostly because my laptop will be staying behind, as i still need to replace the battery, and it is at times a pain the nether regions to haul around. what i was thinking getting a 17″ screen, i’ll never know.

i’ve thrown a few pictures on flickr of zoë opening birthday presents from grammie (she sent the box before we formulated plans for this trip, which figures.)  but i will likely not be posting anything to flickr while we are away. i will however, be using my phone’s camera, so check the twitter and instagram feeds as often as you like, because i love both of those. and i’m taking my running shoes, and am going to brave the cold (haha) and run in mom’s neighborhood. expect wheezy instagram pics as i level up.

i did update one of the aspects of the blog that has bothered me in the past, which was a lack of central organization for recipes i’ve posted about. while the organization is pretty slapdash currently (and i intend to work on a better categorizing method while away), all the recipes i’ve posted about are now present in the “recipes” page. amazing, huh? it also showed me how little i post about what i cook, and i would like to improve that. because seriously, cooking and baking are integral parts of who i am. not even kidding here. don’t laugh, even if it is a little sad.

so, there’s the update. et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. in that vein, i am hoping to watch some musicals or old movies with my sister too. fingers crossed. see you in a week, with lots of pictures, and happy memories!


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