there’s a first time for everything…

so today we began the big part of our next adventure. homeschooling… cue the thunder and lightning and dramatic silent movie music and word cards. or maybe that’s just me. i’ve already talked a bit about the fear of failure, and being so convinced i was so terrible and awful and all those other things, that there was no reason to get out of bed in the morning. and so here we are, with me holding zoë’s quote/unquote academic future in my hands. nervously sipping coffee, trying to be patient as i utter the same phrase 22 (i counted) times during the math portion of the day: “zoë, sit down and finish the bingo/worksheet/measuring/snack/pencil counting/everything so we can keep moving. don’t you want to go to the park today?”

no joke, this kid cannot sit still. which is a benefit of homeschooling, i guess. because she’d be distracting other kids otherwise, and skipping around the classroom here only slows down how long school takes before it’s recess. i’m trying to be patient with her, because she’s just like dug from the movie “up.” seriously. i’ve inserted a link to a short clip if you have no idea what i’m talking about.

attention span

yeah, it’s like that. there are a lot of squirrels around here, and i am desperately trying to be gracious, keep her on task, and hope that we can find some way of working around this. because i didn’t have the money to spend on a bunch of manipulatives, or hands on work immediately, we’re having to do worksheets, and computer games as well as some hands on science and art. i’m hoping to buy her some math manipulatives this week, and i’m also hoping the writing notebooks go well.  can you see a trend? trial, error, a lot of coffee and grace (for both of us.)

i’ll go into more detail about what we’re doing tomorrow, but she’s just finished lunch (35 minutes later) and we’re off to the park. where she will ride her scooter, while i try to get my running endurance up for the 5K we’re going to run in the spring. oh, i didn’t mention that? yeah, i promised her we would do a race together, and it looks like the color run in atlanta in april will fit the bill. here’s hoping i can run for more than 3 minutes at a time (current personal best) by then.


7 thoughts on “there’s a first time for everything…

  1. There are a lot of manipulatives you can make for yourself for cheap. Paper plates and construction paper are what we use when we run out.

    • natalie (i think that’s you, isn’t it bruce?) i will start googling now. i can be very very creative when necessary, and yet completely miss the concept of making something easy myself. case in point. 🙂

      • It certainly is me! I work with 4th grade inclusion and resource math, and we do a lot with manipulatives. (I do reading, too, but not reading resource)

  2. I don’t know if this curriculum is still in existence, but I LOVED Konos. It was all unit studies. For example, we made Egyptian food, and hieroglyphics, and mummified a chicken, and turned the yard into our own archeological dig site… gobs of fun. We just did worksheets for math. Everything else was hands on. My mom said she did that partly so I would have fun learning and also because we were absolutely broke. We had craft supplies and the library and that was it. I think you are brilliant and you know your child and her capabilities and needs better than anyone else. You are going to rock this homeschooling (fyi… if I catch you in a long denim jumper and keds I will stage an intervention!)

    • dang it amanda, a long denim jumper and keds were on my wishlist for january! that being said, i do like the idea of unit study, and am slowly adopting something similar (linking science and geography/social studies and art thematically by month). i keep telling myself that this is only kindergarten, and i’m hoping it sinks in at some point.

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