Quotable Quotes… and such

i’m trying to find a balance between feeling the burden of blogging, and the necessity of it. with the issues of performance and perfectionism that i struggle with, the blog has become one more way for me to feel like a failure. i’m seeking to lose that feeling, and post when and what i can. i’m sure i’ll find my rhythm, but it will be a little shaky at first. just know that it is at times for me a serious struggle, to even desire to post anything. mostly out of a deep seated fear of failure that is slowly losing it’s foothold in my heart. so here we are. short posts, silly sayings, and more transparency than i’ve had in a while. also, i’ve updated my blog a little (still tooling around with it, so expect some more minor changes to come), and you’ll notice i’ve added my twitter feed to the blog. i post to instagram pretty often, with most of the pictures being zoë. most of the instagram posts show up on twitter, so you’ll find quick snapshots there.

though i tend to quote zoë’s silly sayings on facebook more often than not, for those of you who aren’t on facebook, or don’t feel like going through my archives, here’s a roundup of her more notable sayings.

  • kidlet just informed us she has special powers: controlling bears.
  • She’s now in backseat singing ‘and I already can control bears’ to the tune of the twelve days of Christmas
  • Kidlet informed us she is Mr. Baggins this morning, and proceeded to demolish breakfast, both her own and Spencer’s.
  • so we’re watching college gameday on tv right now… and zoë keeps talking about all the “fumps” on the linebackers. she’s referring to their lumpy arm muscles, and i haven’t got the heart to correct her.
  • when discussing the upcoming election with zoë, she asked me who the president was. i showed her a picture, and she said “what’s his name again? rocco buscaglia?” incredible.
  • kidlet – wow mom, i really like dinner! this is delicious food.  me – it’s leftovers. from last night. that you refused to eat.  kidlet – it wasn’t good last night.
  • “mom, when i grow up, i’m going to kill dragons. that’s going to be my job. first, i’m going to drive to the bus stop, ride the bus to the airport, and then ride a plane to a boat. i will sail far away to where the dragons live, and then i’ll kill them with a sword. i’ll probably be 16.” – career plans already being thought up.


so. that’s the details. we had planned to go hike to a beaver dam today, but we were informed that there is bear activity on the road we’d be walking on. needless to say, i changed my mind. we’re going to bake bread tomorrow, and my little helper is excited to be my kitchen assistant. we might even make monkey bread again. it was a huge hit over christmas, and she’s been begging for more.


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