memorial day

memorial day zoë, originally uploaded by thecakewife.

though we don’t normally do anything big for this holiday, the gainesville contingent of our friends all descended on our house tonight…

it ended up being, by turns, beautiful, thunderstorming, atrociously humid, gently raining, cool and breezy and finally perfect. most of the day was spent inside, which was fine for the most part – ulfilas got so much love he went to hide in our room for a couple of hours. the littlest ones discovered zoë’s doll stroller (it terrorized the dog, which was of course, uproariously hilarious,) and eventually meandered to the kiddie pools in the backyard.

the food was ridiculous – 5 pounds of pulled pork barbecue, coriander shitake potato salad, pasta salad, guacamole, spinach dip, fruit salad, roasted strawberries on cardamom butter cake and cinnamon cardamom ice cream (desserts made by 2 different people with no pre-coordinating of flavors, a happy coincidence). so needless to say, there was a lot of happy noshing, loud toddlers (and a loud 5 year old), coffee drunk by the parents of loud toddlers and aforementioned loud child, and firefly catching.

the sort of day that is perfect in a crystalline, etch it into your mind way – the kind you remember when you think back on the early years of a child’s life and revel in the recollection of a day full of good friends and happiness with no mute button. the sort of day that other people fight for, so we live in peace. the political expedience and necessity of our national warfare notwithstanding, it was certainly a day to be grateful for those people, past and present who love our country enough to sacrifice for it.

and pardon the continued dog pictures – having never been a dog owner before, i am enjoying (for the most part) having a canine companion around the house – especially one who sits still for pictures, even if he looks put-upon and depressed while doing so.

tomorrow, i have a phone interview with a company, and i am incredibly hopeful. it would be as an inventory analyst, a position which, while not necessarily utilizing my english degree, would not be as dead end as a front desk secretary. always a plus.


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