pool day

pool day zoë, originally uploaded by thecakewife.

we’ve been enjoying the mild weather everyday this week… after the graduation party weekend, we were absolutely wiped out. so when some friends came over monday, it was wonderful to just relax and play in the pool.

i think zoë got about 5 hours of running around the backyard, going through the slip-n-slide and just enjoying being a kid in the summer. in the evenings, we can be found on the back porch, lights on, music playing and citronella scenting the growing dusk. like i’m doing right now, we curl up on the wicker couch and watch zoë run around the backyard, telling secrets to the neighbor’s chickens (no really, she does) and relishing in the quiet nights of this house.

if the dog pics don’t give it away, we’re fostering a dog right now while he recovers from ACL surgery. the other foster homes in the rescue network all had other dogs, and while he does really well with other animals, he needed a slightly more quiet home to recoup in. we’re hoping to adopt him when our fostering is done in 4 weeks, as he is such a sweet love. and zoë adores him, with his sad eyes and general air of laziness.

as always, more in the stream on flickr…


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