So much has happened since we last were united, here on the blog. i have a bunch of pictures, so check the flickr stream. but! i’ve been silent since march, and so many things have occurred, some sad and some joyous. i just threw a party with 30 people, and i’m finally relaxing on the back deck. the patio string lights are on, and there’s a cool breeze that comes through now and again, ruffling the edge of the quilt i’m under. the house is quiet, and everyone is relaxed into the summer night air. which made me think it was a perfect time to finally, finally, finally post again.

the joyous news is fairly multifaceted – lots of good things going on. we moved, during finals week this semester. not the best plan, all told, but in athens you jump when a place comes open. the biggest reason is that it’s a college town, and affordable single family housing is pretty hard to come by. so knowing that we had to move out of university housing by may (more on that later), we started looking for a place to live in early march. it took a while, but we found the perfect little house. 2 bedrooms, fully renovated (another hard thing to come by around here, and necessary for zoë’s allergies), fenced back yard, and a great back porch, located only minutes from downtown without the drunk people walking home through the yard from the bars. basically, perfect. so we signed a lease, and moved while i was trying to write papers, and finish studying. i have no regrets, because even though it was exhausting while it was happening, the returns are so great. once we clean up the party aftermath, i’ll get pictures up.

so the reason we had to move AND throw a party is because i FINALLY graduated college. i finished up with a 3.68 GPA, with an A.B. in english literature. aka, i’m probably headed back into customer service. but this was an exercise in obedience – i felt, about 4 years ago that i was supposed to finish my college degree. at least that’s what i felt like the Lord was telling me then, with no “after degree” plan in place to follow. so here i am, on the other side going “okay God, i’m pretty sure i heard you, and obeyed. now what?” i don’t know what’s up next for me. i’ve sent in about 40 applications at this point (started job hunting in march too), and have gotten one callback, and one interview. no other bites, but if He is aware of what our needs are, then i’m going to believe He will show me the way to pay for them. that may sound somewhat foolish, and as if i’m throwing off the responsibility associated with being a grownup, but i’m not going to give myself an ulcer stressed and worrying. i’m still applying to multiple jobs everyday, and following every lead i get, but i can’t make an employer call me (aside from having a great cover letter!)

speaking of ulcers! spencer is on an enforced recuperation week, as he spent four days in the hospital last week. you’ll notice that there are no pictures of me receiving my diploma, or attending commencement ceremonies in the flickr stream, and that is why. the english department had their ceremony on thursday, and we were sitting in the ER, trying to figure out why spencer’s blood pressure and pulse were through the roof, and why he kept blacking out.  he was undergoing what we discovered later, was a very serious internal hemorrhage  and had he waited 24 more hours to go to the ER, i would be a widow. at the time, we had no idea that it was a severe as it was, which worked in my favor. because if the reality of him dying in front of me had set in, i would have been a basket case. so he spent the weekend in the hospital, and came home on mother’s day – a wonderful mother’s day present. he had multiple ulcers cauterized, and several serious splits in his stomach lining repaired (which could have started emptying stomach acid into his body cavity if they had worsened). all in all, it was scary while it was happening, absolutely terrifying once we realized what almost happened (given that an uncle died from the same thing, and his great grandfather almost did), and such a relief once everything was over. he’s on a good bit of medication for the ulcers, and he’s going to be seeing several specialists about the problem, given that it appears inherited, and not only due to the typical h. pylori stomach bacteria.

zoë is just as silly as always, and has picked up a fake british accent from somewhere. she’s very fond of saying “it’s quite actually my favorite” or something related in her imperious voice. tonight at the party, she was exhausted and acting out and one of the big brothers of her friends laughed at her. not mean spiritedly, she was being silly and we all giggled, but she got her feelings hurt and ran off. next thing we know, she’s come back in the room, walked up to timmy, and said “how dare you laugh at me!” fake british accent and all. she and i discussed how to actually tell someone you didn’t like it when they laughed, and things got worked out with apologies from both parties, but it was unreal. she’s also picked up a valley girl inflection to her diction, and when she talks to me, it’s all “like, yeah, and awesome” all the time. and if she has to tell you a secret, she whispers in one ear, and covers the other so the secret doesn’t get out the other ear. she’s reading up a storm, and we’re working our way through Charlotte’s Web together. i’m doing the bulk of the reading, but i get her to help me out every time we read together. i’m so proud of her, and enjoying the ridiculous silly little girl she’s become.

next year, she’s attending a private school here in the athens area – there’s a great scholarship that the state of georgia offers, and we’re getting a scholarship for her to attend. i’m sure it would be different if we lived somewhere else, but i am not super impressed with the clarke county school system, at least as far as my friend’s experiences in public school have gone around here. i’m not trying to make a value judgement over the issue of public versus private education, in case anyone misunderstood where i’m coming from. we have multiple friends with kids at westminster (the school) and have been so impressed with not only the curriculum, but also the community the school has developed for the families there. our friends, the needhams, had their eldest daughter linley there this year, and we watched that school rally around them with so much support as they faced everything with piper, their youngest daughter.

and the sad news. you might remember me posting about susanna and piper – (, requesting prayer for piper. it feels trite to just lay it out on the internet, but i thought an update might be necessary. piper went home to Jesus last month, and needless to say, the needhams could use prayer in the aftermath. sus is pretty good at keeping things updated on her blog, so go there for more info.

that’s the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad of our life right now. i’m unemployed, so i anticipate doing fun things with zoë while spencer is at work, hopefully with more pictures to document our summer. once i find a job, zoë will actually be hanging out with linley and susanna, if we get the schedule worked out with spencer’s job. regardless, lots of fun and excitement ahead, i can just feel it. more pics to the right – don’t forget to click through.


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