growing up

growing up, originally uploaded by thecakewife.

although our life has been pretty silent lately, i realize some of you might want to hear about what is going on… zoë has been begging for a “lucy” haircut, after watching the first chronicles of narnia movie with us.

this has been going on for months, and we finally agreed, as she seemed to no longer be simultaneously requesting hair like rapunzel. she’s gone the route of lucy, and it’s adorable on her.

the outfit is 110% zoë, and she picked out every aspect of it. make sure you look at all the pictures of it, because it is intense.

the first couple pictures i posted made me smile when i took them. this town is so silly sometimes, and it’s just a reminder of why i love it. a dude, riding a double decker bike, down the middle of a typically fairly busy street? sure, why not? athens, i love you.

so nothing new lately. just the usual grind (although thrifting has been good lately – lots of fabric, which is good, considering i still need to make some curtains for the other rooms in the house.) as always, enjoy the photos, and i’ll try to take some more soon.


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