party time, excellent!

birthday dinnerbirthday morningbirthday morningbirthday morningbirthday morningbirthday morning
birthday morningbirthday morningbirthday dinnerbirthday dinnerbirthday dinnerbirthday dinner
party time!party time!party time!party time!party time!party time!
party time!party time!party time!party time!party time!party time!

february 2012, a set on Flickr.

since i have a test to study for, i’ll keep this short.

zoë turned 5 on thursday last week, and her party was sunday afternoon. thursday morning, she woke up to about 20 balloons on her floor, and a tunnel hanging from the ceiling right outside her door (she’s jumping up and down and hitting her head on them in one picture). she went to school, took cupcakes and then came home to be taken to cracker barrel for dinner.

sunday was another thing altogether. the pictures don’t capture the sheer number of people at her party – at least 16 kids, and then the assorted parents – it was lovely and big and loud and everything a 5th birthday should be. we had a pinata that didn’t open (maybe we should have all pulled a string at once. oops!) egg races that saw teams get smaller on the second round because the losing teams didn’t want to play any more… it’s tough being a kid. we also had a dinosaur egg hunt in the vein of an easter egg hunt, but i assumed the number of eggs written on the box was the number i hid. nope! about 1/2 went into the gift bags, so when i said 6 eggs per kid, it was more like 3. some feelings got hurt on that one too. but what is a group of 3-7 year olds without some hurt feelings? the ice cream cake melted, the balloons kept popping because the popcorn ceiling was kinda sharp and 2 of the boys kept fighting.

in short, it was perfect. zoë had so much fun, and so did her friends – i was exhausted, hence why this is just now getting posted. but there you go. the birthday madness, encapsulated in less than 1000 words.


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