snaggle tooth!!

snaggle, originally uploaded by thecakewife.

check out the flickr stream for more cheesy grins…

the second tooth came out yesterday, and she pulled it out herself. she says it was upside down in her mouth, and needed to come out. exaggeration, a slight one, but it was definitely ready. i think this is the last tooth for a while, none of the others show the same movement.

zoë opened a few presents from grammie tonight, clothes and shoes with clothes specifically for her birthday day – opening them this weekend means i can get laundry done in time for her actual birthday. they were all a hit, and the little shoe fiend was quite excited to get a couple more pairs.

we’re planning on breaking in some of those new clothes tomorrow, maybe at the park – when the weather is 65 and sunny, you gotta be outdoors as much as possible.

anyway, short update, it’s been one of those weeks, so we’ve not been up to much. next week will see me prepping for her birthday party, and posting birthday pics on thursday or friday, with the party on sunday. maybe a recipe or 2 before then, who knows.


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