the toothless wonder!

chuck-e-cheesechuck-e-cheesethe tooth!the tooth!ellen's birthdayellen's birthday
ellen's birthdayellen's birthdayellen's birthday

january 2012, a set on Flickr.

so on thursday of last week, zoë lost her first tooth. well, the first tooth that came out without dental intervention.

so she was at school, crawling under a table, and bumped her head on the underside of the table – it made her mouth snap shut, and her tooth came out. needless to say, she was super super excited when i picked her up from school, and promptly began wiggling the tooth next to it. money is a great motivator to lose teeth, as i know this well myself.

we’ve been to chuck-e-cheese, during my last couple of days before school started… we still had some leftover tokens from the last trip, so it was a cheap afternoon together that yielded us a silver plastic dollar sign ring and a lollipop. the lollipop got dropped on the floor and the ring was missing before we even got home. making memories, right?

school has started for me, and it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful semester. very relaxed – i’m all for that. i’m borrowing a loom from a friend for the semester, and i’m looking forward to getting a head start on christmas presents. priorities, y’all.

so that’s the last 2 weeks so far… i’ll do a quotes roundup in another week or so.


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