expectations and outlooks

so it’s 2012. as far as i can tell, it’s not a good bit different than 2 days ago. however, the change of the calendar makes us turn to resolutions, forward thinking and expectations – who am i to buck the trend?

2012 is going to be a great year for any number of reasons…

zoë has her first wiggly tooth, one that promises to come out on its own, rather than through dental intervention. in fact, i would be surprised if the tooth lasted the month. she’s overjoyed with the prospect, and keeps showing me her tooth (and drooling all over her clothes in the process).

zoë will be going to kindergarten in the fall. i can’t believe the sweet little meatloaf we brought home just shy of 5 years ago has grown so much, so fast. i can’t imagine being in my mom’s shoes, looking at the little girl i could have sworn was 6 just 10 minutes ago having her own little girl. although mom has always had a much better grasp on time and the fleeting nature of it than i ever have, so maybe the analogy is not exact.

i’m going to be graduating college, at long last. this has been a decade in the making, and while my degree in english literature does not promise me loads of money or even a particularly satisfying job, i’m happy. i’m completing a project that i have returned to off and on for years. what comes after? i don’t know. i’m applying to grad school within a few days, but honestly, i’m done having to do homework. i want to go to a job, do my work, and leave it there. which means i won’t likely be in management anywhere. no loss.

we’re settled here in athens. truly settled. spencer and i have moved so many times, and we always felt a bit disjointed, out of step from our surroundings. that didn’t mean we didn’t make good friends, or attempt to find our place, but living in athens has provided a community, a home for us in a way we’ve not yet experienced. it’s no different than any other smallish, liberal leaning, academic town – we have insufferable hipsters, and snooty townies, and a fairly large homeless population, and a host of other social problems, but we’re home. at least for now. ha. one day, we’ll leave athens, there’s no doubt about that but until that day – this is home.


so looking at resolutions, and all the other things we’re supposed to do at the new year, i don’t know that i have any. this year is going to be a good one even if i fail or succeed at every resolution i make. i will try to blog more, although i’m pretty sure i made that resolution in 2011, and we all saw how that played out. thanks for joining me on this journey, and here’s to many more years of my ramblings.


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