christmas day

christmas day, originally uploaded by thecakewife.

well, the big holiday is done. zoë is in her room, pretending she’s a mountain climber stuck on a mountain top with her stuffed animals as her rescuers, and ever so often she comes in here, bouncing on her blow-up ride on dinosaur.

we opened presents and ate dinner yesterday with spencer’s folks, his sister and her fiancé, and his uncle. it was a lovely, low key family gathering, and as always, the food was excellent. spencer’s parents are fantastic cooks, so we quite enjoyed dinner. zoë got all sorts of fun presents, ranging from cute tights to hello kitty backpacks, craft supplies to fuzzy scarves. all in all, it was a long day, but a good one.

after talking to mom yesterday, i realize there may have been some ambiguity on the gifts of money zoë received. we added it to her piggy bank and took her to target to pick something out for herself. she bought a princess barbie doll and a la-la-loopsy figurine. it was actually really good for her, because we got to discuss what her money would and wouldn’t buy, and why she had to choose things that fit her budget. learning opportunities y’all. ha.

well, i need to go rescue my intrepid mountain climber from the rivers of lava flowing in between her bed and desk, so click the picture to go to the christmas set. all the pictures are up, and because zoë is so wiggly, some of the pictures are a bit blurry. sorry for that.


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