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late fall, a set on Flickr.

So, obviously, it’s been a long time. A really really long time. As of yesterday, 5 months since my last post. So here are some highlights to last semester –

  • I got on the Dean’s List at UGA, and I graduate in May.
  • Zoë has learned how to read, and we do a lot of practicing of this new skill.
  • We moved into a larger apartment, with a real dining room, a fact that brings me great joy every time I contemplate it.
  • Zoë is also learning to appreciate football. Whether or not that is a completely good thing, I don’t know, but I enjoy watching and so does she now.

Zoë has a much larger list of silly things she’s said recently – here’s the facebook highlights, where I call her the kidlet, as directly quoted from my statuses:

  • “kidlet told me this morning that she never wants to move away from us. i explained to her that she wouldn’t get to decorate the christmas tree the way she wanted until she moved out. she changed her mind immediately. that’s my girl.”
  • “the kidlet just informed us she wants to be a boy. so she can grow up, get really old, and get hair in her ears. wow. just wow. her reasoning is sound, right?”
  • “and now the kidlet is doing the running man in our living room. what a weird weekend for her. :)”
  • “so zoë’s weekend so far: turning into a boy to grow ear hair, doing the running man in the living room and attempting to dougie, and reading the first 14 pages of “hop on pop.” i don’t know what to expect tomorrow. it’s been pretty interesting so far.”
  • “kid, stop trying to breathe like darth vader, and eat your dinner!”
  • (while watching UGA – the red team, play Boise State) “kidlet – “is the red team girlsie state?” i guess we’ll see how the season turns out, before i can answer that.”
  • “”those crabs aren’t fighting, they don’t have any guns!” – kidlet watching the documentary “oceans”.”
  • “”did you know there’s an orctafish? they’re real – they’re black and white, with white spots and 10 legs and a long tail and they live in the ocean.” – you know who… she’s entered the wild tales phase of life.”
  • “kidlet just went to her pre-k class – 3 kids mobbed her as soon as she walked in, shouting “zoe’s here!” auspicious beginnings to her school year, i would venture.”

more silly things, via spencer’s facebook wall:

  • “Zoe told me this morning that she was allergic to tigers. I responded that it was a good thing that we did not own any tigers. She then replied that we need to stay away from things made from tiger fur, as it is what she is allergic to specifically. That’s my girl.”
  • “After Zoe and I returned home from Sam’s Club she told Catherine, “I wish my name was Sam, so I could start a club and call it Sam’s Club.””
  • “Zoe just asked me for a cough drop…she said her throat was frustrated.”

So, that’s the fall, in a nutshell. Here’s the link to the channel we’ll be streaming on, Dec. 24th at 3PM EST.

I’ll be posting more often, as my schedule next semester is nowhere near as atrocious as this last one was (15 credit hours, aka 5 classes makes me a very bad blogger.)

See you all in about 12 hours!


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