sarasota pics, and final thoughts.

sarasota, originally uploaded by thecakewife.

so our first family vacation was pretty wonderful. tiring, which is why i am just now posting the last pictures. we got the last of the laundry done yesterday, so i figured i would be remiss not to post.

we are making plans to visit florida more often – although we are a family of very very pale people, good sunscreen coverage made it possible to enjoy the beach. and boy did we.

it was wonderful to see my dad, and my dad’s family – some of these cousins i have never met, and others it has been nearly 30 years since we last laid eyes on each other. so remedying that distance was well worth the time and effort to drive down to sarasota. zoë had a blast with her cousins – a pair of sweet 4 year old twins, and i think she would have traded time at the beach for more time with cheyenne and hunter.

so there you go. we’ll be back to regular life soon – ryan has some pictures on his camera that i will be adding in the next couple of days, pics that offer another perspective on our days together. now onto to the seemingly endless georgia summer. i miss the ocean breezes already.


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