canaveral national seashore, nasa, and the world’s largest mcdonalds.

canaveral , originally uploaded by thecakewife.

i’m beat, so this will be short.

ryan, zoë and i got to have an adventure today. first up was the kennedy space center, where we learned all about space exploration, pretended to be robots, ate astronaut ice cream, and played in an outdoor fountain.

next, we drove across the island to canaveral national seashore, where zoë threw seaweed off the beach into the waves, avoided jellyfish, found seashells, and didn’t go more than knee deep since there was a serious threat of riptides. she got a small sunburn on one shoulder, which means i did a good job coating everywhere else in sunscreen – on her at least. i’m a little more crispy, and will have to keep up with it.

then, after getting home and getting showered, we all went to the world’s largest mcdonalds, here in orlando. it was crazy – fun, but crazy. karaoke, hula hooping jesters, 2 stories, an arcade, indoor bowling, and a playland that almost beat out kennedy’s in terms of size and stuff to do.

then we all went to our respective places of rest, and everyone else went to sleep 2 hours ago. i stayed up editing pics, because ryan took some beautiful ones of zoë, and because i wanted to share our beautiful day. but. i am about to pass out, and tomorrow is a very big day. busch gardens, and MOSI if we can hack it. gotta get up bright and early, so off i go.


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