the garden…

is growing!

my tomatoes are long and spindly, which is my fault for starting them too early.  but the peppers are beautiful, the leeks are almost ready to go in the ground, as well as the eggplants. i also need to start all the beans and squash, but the weather. dear Lord. i am so glad i did not put anything in the ground yet. the high today was 48, and it was almost freezing this morning. zoë has been soooo excited about the plants, and one of the rutgers tomato plants is named “zoë.” literally, she wanted me to write her name on the stake and stick it in the little cup when we transferred the seedlings.

i still need to get out and get the soil worked, get the nutrient levels fixed, and lay down weed barrier cloth. but in the meantime, i will continue to procrastinate on my papers, and feel just slightly overwhelmed by the very swiftly approaching end of this semester.

we made contact paper easter eggs tonight, zoë and i. maybe a little premature, but that’s okay. the living room looks more festive with the eggs in place. it’s a super kid friendly craft – clear contact paper cut into 2 sheets – peel the backing off of one sheet, cover it in torn construction paper, and then peel off the backing of the other sheet and press them together, sticky sides touching. cut out an egg shape, punch a hole in the top, and instant easter decor. by the time easter gets here, our house might be covered in eggs, given the very very positive response from the little one. i didn’t get pictures taken tonight, but soon enough.

oh! speaking of the garden, i might be joining a gardening challenge. the challenge comes in getting your pre-schooler involved in the whole process, and there’s some fun curriculum that accompanies it. since i’ll be hanging out with zoë this summer, i thought it might be a lot of fun for both of us. so there will be posts about that, interspersed from time to time.

we also tried quinoa the other night… thankfully, it is a kid friendly food, and zoë always loves to be my kitchen helper. she’s pretty handy with a whisk. 🙂

one of her favorite things lately is to give eskimo kisses, although spencer’s hat often has to get moved around in order to actually give them.

all in all – you guys know this. she’s a sweet, messy, kind, loving, little girl, who sometimes has off days, and most often doesn’t. i’m so looking forward to the summer with her… as she gets older, it’s more fun to get to do things with her, not just for her. click the pic for flickr. 🙂


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