march pictures!!

it’s a miracle! and by miracle, i mean it was spring break, and i had a chance to sit down and work through my pictures. school is back in session in 4 days, so enjoy the little bit i’m getting online. 🙂 click the picture to go to the march set.

we’ve been up to the usual… school is almost out for the summer, and i think we’re all ready for a nice long break. this week has been a lot of fun; we kept zoë home during my spring break. a couple of trips to susanna’s house, a lot of time outside, some gardening, playing at the library, making ice cream and macarons, sleeping in, staying up late, and just enjoying being together.

honestly, that pretty much sums everything up. it’s been a lovely warm, sunny and perfect week. here’s to a summer of them, starting in about 3 months.


One thought on “march pictures!!

  1. If i need a lift all i have to do is go to your blog and see what Zoe is up to! One can’t possibly look at her pics and not immediately smile! In fact i get quite a chuckle! It’s a natural anti- depressant! -Aunt Lori

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