A Few Changes to Note

more posts are coming soon! i’m working on a new way to display photos, and i think i might have hit on it. while wordpress is a much nicer blogging platform when it comes to actual creation of blog posts, the picture uploading is not so nice. also, there’s no archiving of photos similar to the way blogger and picasa worked together. what i’ve done is gotten a flickr account, which i will link to on a regular basis. what i plan to do, is set up sets of photos – with each one tying into a month, or an event. then, when the set is updated, i’ll link here on the blog with a teaser photo, and you can go off and enjoy the pictures. and if you only want one type of picture, then you can choose the set. i plan on uploading the back catalog of pictures, but that will take a good bit of time, and might not be complete until later this year. at any rate, i’m uploading pictures right now to flickr, and will link as soon as i get january and february up.


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