starting the new year off right.

and by the post title, i mean, starting the new year by posting the remaining pictures from last year. we had a teensy bit of snow on the 26th, so we all went out and slogged around in it, making snowballs and throwing snow at neighbor children. no, seriously, zoë did. although in her defense, she’s rotten at making and throwing snowballs, so nothing actually hit anyone. mostly just turned into airborne flakes.

the blogs i read are doing these year end retrospectives, but i can’t say i really want to do one myself. 2010 was like any year, it had hard parts and wonderful parts. i’m hoping 2011 has more wonderful than hard though. i just have to make it 12 more months, and then i’m done with college, thank God. so next christmas will be one of the best yet. at any rate, speaking of christmas, here are the remaining pictures from our festivities. the christmas day pictures are lacking a little, as i was busy trying to keep the laptop camera pointed at zoë while she opened presents. so if you missed the video, sorry that there’s not a bunch of stills to make up for it.


One thought on “starting the new year off right.

  1. i love love love her dinosaur costume.
    zoe and i should have a playdate so I can dress up like one, too.
    too fun.
    i also love the progression of zoe’s hair throughout the pics. braids. pulling out braids. hair down. pony tail. love it.

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