it’s beginning to look a lot like… mid november?

still haven’t edited and posted the macaron pics. sorry heath, caroline and kristin. hopefully monday will see me much more motivated. at any rate, i do have more zoë pictures, for those interested in non-food things. although if i don’t find my camera battery’s charger, future pictures might be a little slim. i’m hoping to find it before thanksgiving, since family memories have to be preserved y’all!

i’ve never really wavered in my devotion to christmas. in fact, i sing christmas songs year round, much to some people’s chagrin (they’re grinches anyway). so this year, it should come as no surprise that christmas has inched back another week in our household. in fact, at this rate, we’ll be putting up the tree on labor day, and taking it down on memorial day in about 15 years. i can’t wait. haha.

i was fortunate enough to have a childhood that made christmas seem like an almost magical time. we didn’t have a christmas tree for many years of my young life, and i never believed in santa. but something about the scents, sounds, and ideas of christmas has been indelibly marked in my mind as “the best time of the year.” it helps that my birthday is 3 weeks before christmas, and i had family willing to double dip me for presents (none of that birth-mas presents nonsense for me, thank you very much.) but gifts are only part of that. in fact, they are the least important part of the holiday, but i’ll post on that later in the year. so i’ve started holiday style baking, and knitting, and the tree is up. i’ve been collecting vintage ornaments for about 2 years now, and while none of them are extremely fancy, they have a charm that i don’t find in the modern plastic ornaments you can find everywhere. now target though, they usually have fantastic glass ornaments, but that’s neither here nor there. the worn off glitter, the scratches in the glass, the worn  out letters that spell shiny-brite, or poland on the ornament caps, the love that they’ve born for years is what appeals to me. while i’ve also been kinda rigid in the past on what goes on my tree (thanks mom! seriously though, my mom knows how to decorate a tree. y’all don’t even know.) this year, i’m letting loose. it’s a huge conflagration of riotous colors, no rhyme or reason as to where they’re placed, and i’ve got a black christmas tree. yes, i know, not exactly traditional, but neither are aluminum, or rotating lit up tinsel trees from 50 years ago, and if anyone has one of those they want to sell, call me. 

we busted out the tree on wednesday night, drank hot chocolate and played chutes and ladders with zoë. it was a lot of fun, and she’s stationed herself at the christmas tree every morning, checking out her presents as soon as she gets up. we’ve had at least 5 discussions a day about waiting until christmas to open presents, but when you’re three, if the tree is up, it means christmas is here. i’m hoping to instill in her the same kind of joy i felt from thanksgiving to new years: that sense that the world is at peace – that there is something worth celebrating in every moment of our year, but most of all that we celebrate a God who loves us enough to be broken, to fit eternity into a tiny body that felt pain and loss and loneliness just like we do, and that He holds us now as His mother held Him then.

so. theology aside, i’m so excited about christmas i can’t hardly stand it. bing and frankie, and louis, and dean and nat are singing me songs on pandora, i’m making plans for who gets plates of christmas cookies, and trying to figure out how to give loaves of bread as gifts without looking amish. here’s a preview of the holidays for all those who are as anxious as i am to get this show on the road. and before i forget, we have a trader joe’s now!! woo to the hoo for that mess. seriously, any grocery store that has little shopping carts for little kids gets an a-plus in my book, regardless of prices. we also went to zoë’s school’s fall festival, and she got to jump in lots of bouncy things, get candy (most of it completely inappropriate for a 3 year old, so she ate mostly tootsie rolls) and get her face painted – she wanted to be a dinosaur (it continues) but settled for being a cat. so there you go. hopefully the next post will be the macaron post, and then after that, thanksgiving, and my big 3-0. i had originally wanted to have my birthday party in a church basement somewhere, play bingo and bridge and wear alfred dunner pant suits, but i just don’t have time to pull it together. maybe next year.


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