dinosaur train

so in the batch of photos i posted yesterday, there were a few left out. and i was called out on the omission by the sender of the gifts you are about to see. uncle ryan has sent zoë 3 separate dinosaur puzzles, the really awesome 3-D kind we had as kids. which is perfect for our little beans, because the girl loves dinosaurs. dinosaur train is her absolute absolute favorite show, as i believe i’ve mentioned before. she’s learned lots of new words from it, and constantly has a hypothesis about something. usually involving playing outside. so without further ado, the dinosaur puzzle pictures that are about a week overdue. 🙂she’s so excited about the dinosaur, she’s taking it show and tell tomorrow. i’ve glued most of the pieces in place, so now to see if it survives a horde of 3 year olds. here’s hoping.


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