a lovely fall

i’ve got several recipe posts to make, but in the light of the multiple requests i’ve gotten to blog (i’m looking at you, ryan!) i’m posting pictures from our last week.  we went to the local coffeehouse to see fletcher/mctavish play. zoë wanted to play chutes and ladders, and she kicked my tail, twice! no cheating involved, either. we had fun, but it was time for bed. (as you can tell by the very dark photos) we also went to gainesville on friday, to get zoë’s flu shot. the square in gainesville has a solar system walk, and the sun is a big gazing ball on one corner.

we’ve been playing at susanna’s a good bit more, now that zoë’s colds/infections have finally gone away. in fact, we ate dinner over there this weekend, and because of the awesome grounds in the part of family housing she lives in, we had a picnic outside.

on that side of housing, there’s so many kids zoë’s age. all you have to do is stand in a relatively central location, and let the gang of 3-5 year olds run free. i think there were 3 moms watching about 8 kids, and i know zoë enjoyed the autonomy. something she does not get a lot of on this side of things, because of the way our complex is set up.

so we had a picnic

went for a walk

played basketball

played with linley’s grandma

played in the leaves

and jumped

and jumped

and jumped

and jumped

in lots of puddles.


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