my bookstore buddy…

zoë and i got to go spend some time at barnes and noble this weekend… there’s something about the crisp air in the evenings that makes me want to spend endless hours poring over novels in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee next to me. she however, wanted to play with the train sets, and drink hot chocolate. i’m sure you can guess who won.

we went last night and tonight, played with trains, drank hot chocolate, and i read knitting magazines next to the train table. 

today, one of our favorite thrift stores was celebrating 5 years of business. they help provide safehouses for abused women, and help them get back on their feet in jobs and school. definitely worth celebrating, and today they had a big party to commemorate. we ate pizza, ice cream from the local marble slab mix-in type place,

got zoë’s face painted

played with hula hoops

and generally speaking had a ball. zoë won a raffle prize, and talked about it endlessly today. i blame the cuteness of dinosaur train on PBS for her facepaint. she was very clear with the girl doing the painting that she wanted a dinosaur. forget hearts, and flowers… the girl wanted a dinosaur.

it is bittersweet having a bookstore buddy now. she’s old enough to hang out with to some extent, even if i only get short snatches of conversation with her in between rounds on the train table. i know i keep posting in this vein of thought, i’m just trying to process the simultaneous sorrow and joy of a child growing older. i don’t know if it’s tougher that she’s an only child, i’ve never been a mom before. ha.


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