future tense

i thought the title was clever, and then realized i’m not really tense about it. ha. oh well. i’ve been trying to figure out what comes after graduation, since i have advising on tuesday, and i’ll be registering for classes in a week or so. after this semester, i only have 3 more, and if i could go to school in the summer (still deciding on that one at present) i would graduate by my 31st birthday. only 10 years after my original college graduation date, ha. but the “what comes after” is the part i can’t decide on. i have been kicking around the idea of pursuing graduate work to get an MLIS (master of library and information science) and work in a college library, or even a public one, but i can’t quite make it all work in my head. i’m still carefully weighing zoë’s educational options, because i would very much like to homeschool her, but i am still uncertain of the best thing for all involved parties. mostly because she needs and craves routine, and i tend to shun it like the black death. you know, minor issues. i don’t want to homeschool her for my own benefit, but for hers, and to work out a schedule that allows for the most positive learning environment for our little social butterfly is tough. she needs daily routine, but lots of time spent with other people. basically, i would need to get my act together. and it scares me. thankfully, i still have 3 semesters to figure this stuff out, but it is looming over me and i know a decision will have to be made soon(ish).

on the home front, zoë’s caught a cold, and has missed 2 days of school this week. she’s seemingly on the mend, so we’re letting her go back tomorrow. neither spence or i caught it, thank the Lord, allowing us to more fully focus on her instead of coughing and sneezing right alongside her. her rash (the red around her mouth? yeah, it’s eczema.) is finally disappearing, we had to switch to a heavy duty petrolatum based moisturizer. and also encouraged her to give up the thumb. her night time thumb sucking is a major part of the rash, since it won’t heal if it’s constantly moist. her doctor did say that both the thumb she sucks, and her mouth look good, and that she’s not doing damage to either, so that is a great relief. i don’t relish the idea of making the thumb sucking end, as it’s more daunting than potty training to me… and you all saw how long it took to get that figured out.

we’re getting back to cooking at home… well, i mean, cooking meals i would want to share. some weeks we just feel like soup and scrambled eggs, other weeks it’s mushroom bolognese. and by we, i mean me. i’ll post the mushroom bolognese soon, probably tomorrow after school. midterms threw me off so badly when it comes to blogging my recipes, as we seriously were eating grilled cheese sandwiches and soup, and scrambled eggs, etc. college fare, basically. it’s nice to be back.

as per usual, zoë is her silly self, and the questions on bones continues. one of her favorite shows is “dinosaur train” on pbs, and she keeps telling us “when i’m a big girl, i’m going to see a dinosaur die and turn into a fossil.” we’ve had to re-explain that all the dinosaurs are already fossils (not counting Nessie, of course) and she won’t get to see any die. but her persistence in believing she’ll see it just means we need to get her to a natural history museum sometime very soon.

i think that’s it from us tonight, here’s a few fun pictures of beans riding in an ikea bag (hovering about 6 inches above the floor, so no one worry, okay?) and pretending to be a turtle (when the ikea bag was on her back.)


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