short update…

so with the turning of the weather comes more tests, more papers and more stress. i’ve got 3 papers and 3 tests this week, so there’s not a whole lot we’re up to. we did make it out to the zoo earlier last week, and zoë and i have been walking every night around dusk. with later night walks, i’ve not been bringing my camera along at all. in fact, i’ve taken no pictures this week. sad, i know. it’s been a little hairy with school, but thankfully, when we went to the zoo, we went with susanna and linley and piper. and susanna had her camera along. so i have 2 pictures of the girls all together, hanging out at the park.

zoë has been asking about the halloween decorations we’ve been seeing all over the place, and has had a lot of questions about the bones (skeletons). tonight, after we explained that everybody has bones inside their body and they can’t come out, she asked if she could take her bones to school in her backpack. this was right after wondering if her bones were sleeping, and when would they wake up? we are bombarded with questions like these from sunup to sundown, and while adorable, it is a little overwhelming sometimes. i need to brush up on why the sky is blue, and what makes water wet, because i know that’s coming next.

i’ll check back in this weekend i think, after these tests and papers are done. i will be happy to get out of college with just a 3.0 average, because these tests are tough.


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