gators, cinnamon rolls, and a vintage wig

so we’ve been up to about next to nothing. seriously. it’s been a crazy week for me, and it’s not quite over yet. i still have an essay to write and a class discussion to lead on tuesday, BUT it’s the weekend right now. we’ll worry about essays and presentations later.

i did find some time last week to make vietnamese baguettes, in anticipation of a coconut banana bread pudding. unfortunately, it was so sweet i couldn’t eat it. 2T of sugar in one loaf of bread, but those bananas were so sweet it ended up unpalatable. which is pretty intense. the bread though. oh, the bread. rice flour in addition to wheat flour, and they were lightly crisp on the outside, and so soft and smooth on the inside. if i make them bigger next time, i can attempt a banh mi sandwich. yum!we also, 2 weeks ago, had a baking get together here at the apartment. and of course, the only photographic evidence of the day is one picture of our delicious foccacia.

zoë and i went to salvation army last week, where we discovered a vintage wig in mint condition. the woman working there is 6 months off of chemo, and was able to vouch for a: the wig’s quality, and b: the fact that it had been cleaned before donation. so 3 dollars later, we’ve got a flippy brown bob that donna reed would be jealous of. right now, the wig is on hiatus, because zoë plays a teeensy bit too hard with it right now, but we’re working on that. last weekend, we had some friends over, and their almost 18month old also thought the wig was pretty great. zoë was practicing her mad face, for whatever reason. she only did it once, thankfully.

earlier this week, zoë and i went to the zoo, to visit the only 2 gators allowed in ‘dawg territory. in case you weren’t aware, the georgia/florida football rivalry is intense around here, and we’re all a bunch of gator haters. i’m not even kidding. we get a day off of school so people can drive to florida for the annual game… ridiculous. but we had fun at the zoo and i was unable to get any pictures of zoë that didn’t involve her running around and generally not standing still.

she’s also outgrown her cowboy boots, so we dressed up in them one last time, did some dancing, and said goodbye. they’re going into storage, because they’re just too fabulous to let go of yet. besides, replacing a pair of justin boots for a 3 year old is prohibitively costly, and not worth it.

zoë and i made cinnamon rolls tonight. mostly. i did most of the work, but she helped me add the flour, and i know she’ll enjoy eating them in the morning. lazy saturdays are the best! the plan tomorrow is maybe to hit the farmers market, and then the library. but we have to be off the roads before the game, or we will get stuck. not even kidding. last weekend, it took me 45 minutes to get home because of all the roads that were shut down. while it is nice that football is such a boost to the local economy, it sure gets old quick.we got our hands on some juicy plums for snacks, and zoë is fond of seafood. ha. get it?


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