apple pie, aunt mimi’s house, and a vintage typewriter

the post title should give some idea as to what this is about. 🙂 even though the weather is still in the 90’s here, there’s been this shift at night to temps in the 60’s. in some small, slightly unbelievable way, i feel like it’s fall. so i made an apple pie.

i don’t particularly feel like typing out the recipe tonight, but this blog has a lovely writeup on it. the only changes i made were completely screwing up the pie crust dough, and using cornstarch instead of tapioca. oh, and adding cardamom. yum. word to the wise on this crust recipe:

i’m no novice at pie dough, but this one has to be super chilled, or it is more like pie dough frosting. and needs to be spread into the pie plate as such. i am not even kidding, i had my offset spatula out, spreading the pie crust into place. it still turned out super flaky, and so very good.

over labor day weekend, zoë got to take her first out of state trip to grammy and aunt mimi’s house. she had so much fun, and got sick from one of the kids at school as soon as she got home, but thankfully no sooner. i’m waiting on the raleigh side of the pictures to arrive from aunt mimi, and when they do, i’ll post them. zoë told me the first night there that she didn’t need a birthday party in february, because grammy was giving her a birthday party there. i don’t imagine she plans on sticking with that idea. the kid loves to party.

when she got home, we typed up a thank you letter to grammy and aunt mimi, but in the process of drawing pretty pictures on the bottom, she tore the paper and then lost it. we’ll start on the second draft tomorrow. she thought my vintage typewriter was the coolest thing ever, and as she gets a little older, she’ll get to play with it more. however, because it actually works, and has a ribbon with ink still in it, she’s highly supervised because it’s one of my precious. (say it like gollum from lord of the rings, and you’ll get the seriousness of the statement.)

we went by the art school here to pick up some pieces of mine that were in the foundations show this fall. needless to say, zoë thought the art was really cool. it’s bittersweet to be an english major now… i’m excited that i’ll be graduating sooner (if all goes according to schedule, i’ll be done next december) but it’s sad to leave behind the visual arts. when i ran into my drawing professor, he reminded me that everything we do and learn informs our art. so just because i’m focusing on language and literature right now doesn’t mean i’m no longer an artist, or will never make art again. and that helped a lot. and zoë helps with her enthusiasm for everything we do. she gets so excited about even the little things, and that is a timely reminder everyday to get excited about someone watering their tomatoes, or seeing a HUGE truck, or having the chance to ride an elevator. it’s the simple things i want to get back to, and i don’t want my excitement to be limited to the huge doesn’t-happen-everyday-stuff. things you learn from your kids, right?

life here is pretty settled into our school routine – she goes to school in the morning, i go to school a little later, i write papers, she colors them, we bake (she helped peel and core the apples tonight on the apple corer) and the cycle repeats. when the weather gets a little cooler (please God let it happen soon) we’ll start doing more fun things. on the agenda this fall is apple picking in ellijay, and maybe burt’s pumpkin farm. and other fun fallish things.