the move to wordpress

initally, i had thought i would move the family blog to a different wordpress address. but i’m getting tired of posting 2 different things to 2 different blogs, let alone blog hosts, so here we are. i’ve already moved the archives over from blogger, and it was fairly straightforward. i still need to get all the picasa albums moved over, but in the mean time, i’ll be posting everything right here at the cake wife. no more blogger hassles, thank God. from-a-to-zoe will still be accessible, i just won’t be updating it anymore.

zoë is big enough to lick the beaters, at least the frosting ones. we’re not making the move to raw egg products yet. maybe when she’s 5. she was helping me make a coconut cake, and by helping, i mean waiting anxiously to taste the frosting.

then she needed a good brushing, and off to bed she went. lather, rinse, repeat next week. i’ve got homework to do that i forgot about, but making a cake is way more fun. expect more on that later tonight.


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