so the kidlet, in all her inability to pronounce french proper names properly, calls this one “chicken bernie.” it’s really chicken veronique, which i’m told refers to dishes garnished with grapes. it’s the shortcut version of a more involved french dish, but it’s pretty dang good. chicken, orange marmalade, tarragon and white grapes… freaked out yet? don’t be. this is a favorite around here, but we like fruit and meat together a good bit. serve with a pilaf, or maybe uncle ben’s if you’re classy, and a green veggie like garlic green beans.

Chicken Bernie

6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves (approximately the same thickness)

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg

4 teaspoons butter

2/3 cup white wine or reduced-sodium chicken broth

2 tablespoons orange marmalade spreadable fruit

3/4 teaspoon dried tarragon

2 teaspoons all-purpose flour

1/2 cup half-and-half cream

1-1/2 cups green grapes, halved


sprinkle chicken with salt and nutmeg. if the pieces you use are huge, try cutting them in half. in a large nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray, cook chicken in butter over medium heat for 3-5 minutes on each side or until lightly browned.
in a small bowl, combine the wine, marmalade and tarragon. add to skillet; bring to a boil. reduce heat; cover and simmer for 4-6 minutes on each side or until a meat thermometer reads 170. it took a heck of a lot longer to reach 170 than 6 minutes, so try to ensure your chicken pieces are of similar thickness.  remove chicken and keep warm.
combine flour and cream until smooth. gradually stir into skillet. bring to a boil; cook 2 minutes longer or until thickened. stir in grapes; heat through. serve with chicken.


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