a short break…

we’re staying with some friends who just had a baby this week. so while i am cooking, i keep forgetting to take pictures, and i haven’t written down recipes or anything. we have eaten well, and tonight we made one of my favorite, favorite stews/chili like concoctions. in the interest of laziness, i will just link to the site i got the recipe from, as it’s late and i’m a bum. but those who know me, know that i don’t like to repeat recipes and tonight is the 4th iteration of this particular recipe. you can adjust the spice level to your own taste, but i’m a complete and total wimp when it comes to spicy food and could eat this without drinking milk. which is saying a lot for me. i’ll be back to posting our food regularly, it’s just so transitional right now, and it’s not very motivating. more to come, after the break.

also, here’s the recipe. serve with cornbread and good company.

ancho pork and hominy stew


One thought on “a short break…

  1. That sounds delicious. I think I’ll try it, but with seitan or chickpeas instead of the pork! πŸ™‚ Oh, and I made chocolate chip banana nut bread (vegan) that was out of this world. I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow (with a recipe). πŸ™‚

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