banana sorbet

i think i’m the last person in the food blogging planet to try this amazing dessert. one ingredient, and one piece of gear required. i can let my 3 year old eat it without sugar guilt, and i can eat it without guilt too! honestly, try this tonight. so easy, and perfect for these 100+ days we’ve been having around here.

Banana Sorbet


one frozen banana, cut in half, or in pieces depending on method.


put frozen banana in halves in your food processor bowl.  turn on food processor until it’s creamy. seriously. that simple.

if you’re not using the food processor, cut into slices and put in a small deep bowl. use your immersion/stick/handheld blender, and blend until smooth.

i don’t normally let the kidlet eat ice cream, but she can eat this whenever she wants. and so can you.


3 thoughts on “banana sorbet

  1. Nice! Brilliant, I might add, for the beans. I wish I had an ice cream maker, so I could make sorbets, guess I could make a granita without one – just have to remember to scrape it every couple hours. That would be another easy treat without added sugar, just use a good fruit juice.

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