a return to love

after a long hiatus from blogging, and food blogging as well, i’m returning to one of my great loves. talking about food. i have been using blogger for 3 1/2 years, and am growing tired of it. so, i imagine this is the beginning of a slow exodus to wordpress.

before i jump into the first recipe, i ought to give a little background on myself. i’m almost 30, and i’m still only a junior in college. barely. one day i’ll finish up, but i find the joys of domesticity and craftiness beckon me with far greater force than academia.

i love to create. whether it’s art, or craft, or culinary diversions, i find i am truly the happiest when my hands have something to do. i stay up way too late, and drink too much coffee and tea. i love having as many people over as can fit in whatever dwelling we reside in, something that stresses my husband out. he is a little  bit of a hobbit when it comes to having people over, and i love that about him. it does not however, stop me from having too many people over at any given time.

enough drivel. on to cooking.

also, the blog title was not ripped off of the decemberists. as much as i love them, and would love to somehow pay homage to them, the title is from something my 3 year old said one day, in reference to getting married. when asked if she loved anyone enough to marry them, her response was simple. “one day, when i grow up, i’m going to get married to cake.” hence, the cake wife.


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