caught up, and back to normal

school is finally finished… i finished my last final on tuesday, but it took me several days to get my sleep schedule back on first shift. i had been pulling quite a few all-nighters there at the end, so it’s nice to be back to normal. my grades are up already, i got all A’s and one A-. apparently UGA switched their grading system, so i have a 3.92 gpa for the semester even though they were all a’s. oh well.

i’m still having battery issues with the camera, and it’s on my wishlist for school supplies (photography is a required course) but we’ll see how that all pans out. i do have some pictures from november which i didn’t post, but haven’t taken any this month so far. i will be remedying that pretty soon.

zoë is turning into a very self assured little girl, something i hope carries on throughout her life. she will tell us “i’m beautiful. i’m a beautiful princess…” spencer and i have talked a lot about the correlation between the self esteem of girls and their relationship with their dads. the hope is that we provide her with the tools and strengths she needs to go through life feeling truly loved and encouraged. it’s interesting to me, how the roles of parents keep shifting throughout the life of a child. which i can only imagine starts to feel like juggling once there are other kids involved. we’re trying to learn how to shift our perceptions of zoë to that of a burgeoning intelligent little girl, not just a baby or toddler with more simplistic needs. yes… her needs are still simple, love, care and spiritual guidance.

but how all of that gets addressed is changing. because of this change, we’re having to make some changes in our own lives. spencer and i have been alternating our schedules so that i’m with her in the afternoons and evenings, and spencer takes care of the mornings. but my schedule, while technically full time hours, is fairly time intensive, something not likely to change as i only have studio classes to take from here on out. so, with a lot of prayer we’ve decided to change schools. we’ll be transferring up to NGCSU in dahlonega at the end of our lease, to be a bit closer to spencer’s parents. they’ve generously offered to help us watch zoë while we’re in school. we still have to work all of the details out, but we have a few more months before that has to be done.

i can’t say that i’m really excited about leaving athens. honestly, i have been a lot happier here than i ever was in north georgia, but there is something bigger at stake here. if we want to make sure that zoë gets all the opportunities for socialization, and exploration she can, we have to change things. forgive my post for being maudlin and rambling, i just will really miss it here. but the question arises of importance, and priorities. when it comes down to it, zoë is our priority. thus, the changes.

i’m working on editing my photos from november, expect that post quickly.


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