it’s here…

the day has arrived. it was slowly creeping up on us, making it’s presence known in various ways. the use of the words “potty” and “stinky” (pronounced keekee), the obsession with her trainer potty. and now, tonight made everything clear.

zoë laid down around 9, (her newer bedtime, since she’s up with the roosters if she goes to bed earlier) and we didn’t hear a peep from her. until 10:30. when an ungodly scream comes from the bedroom, along with the dreaded words “keekee diaper!!” needless to say, seeing a fleshtoned baby by the light of the nightlight was not my idea of a good night. we turned on the light, and little beans was naked, with a stinky diaper laying next to her pj’s in bed. thank God it was solid (too much information, i know, but believe me, this was an unusually solid poop, compared to what all the holiday food has done to her digestive track). she got cleaned up, hands washed, new diaper attached to said little bottom, pj’s redressed and back to sleep she went…

while i plan on spending the next 2 hours researching potty training techniques. because those 2 words have struck fear in my heart for the last time.


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