the girly

never underestimate the power of salivaright before saying “mommmaoomomm”
happy to be in her playpen
i’m starting her early, she’s got to love cakes as much as i do
snickerdoodle cake sounded good to her
she’s as excited about my pantry as i am!
the view of the retaining wall out to the driveway
our fireplace… it’s going to be 18 feet tall
the front door, the dining room, and a bit of the upstairs
yummy books
she’s tasting everything now
woo hoo! i wanna go fast!
see! she does have hair! it’s just see through.
more invisible hair
dad, how do you grow a beard?
another important rule of the road, how to honk a horn
and if i dump the clutch, and do what again?
zoe learns the importance of hand placement on the steering wheel
time to go to bed

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