big day tomorrow

i’m sure most of you heard the news about virginia tech today. it reminded me so much of high school… i was a senior when the columbine shootings occurred, and the fear and sorrow i felt then is echoed in the sorrow i feel today. if you think about the folks who survived, and the wounded, and all the families of the dead, pray….

tomorrow i’m flying with zoe out to memphis. it will be quite an adventure, and FAA regs. make it a little scary. i have to go through the metal detector with her in my arms, no baby carrier on and get her in and out of the carrier without any assistance from anyone else. yeah. not so much. i’m going to ask them to screen me with a wand, since i cannot take her out of the carrier, and then remove the carrier, put it back on, and put her in it without help. it’s tough to fly alone. but i’m hoping she does well. i’ve got some frozen milk thawing in the fridge, and i’m taking a couple bottles of it, that way she can be sucking on something when we take off and land. i’m not afraid to be the passenger that everyone hates, you know, crying baby and all that, but i do want her to do okay. this will be the first time my family sees her in person, and i know we’re all excited. i can’t wait to see them enjoy her as much as ellen and greg and lori have. well, and spencer and i. but we don’t quite count, since we’re always getting to enjoy her.

so thats the scoop. i may not be posting so much while in memphis, but i will be taking lots and lots of pics. yay! gotta go pack…


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